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Plastic Surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is the replacement, alteration or restoration of a visible part of body through use of corrective surgery. It is used to treat certain physical deformities caused either by injury or birth defects.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department

Meditrip has the very best in the technology available in plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. These include high tech equipment such as the Leica Advanced Operating microscope for Microvascular surgery, Synthes Air Pen Drilling system and Matrix plating system for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Medicon Plastic Surgery instrumentation, Germany, Liposuction system from Medicon, Germany, Vacuum Assisted Closure systems for complex wound healing. Tahasun has a world class operating theatre complex with inbuilt imaging and surgical planning technology, advanced CT scan and 3 Tesla MRI for soft tissue imaging and surgical planning and also a dedicated wound care clinic with nurse follow-ups.


Following are the various services that Tahasun provides for Plastic and Reconstruction Surgeries:

1. Reconstruction Surgery

• Body Injuries and Conditions
• Burns, Wounds, Bedsores and Scars
• Cleft Lip and Palate
• Facial Injuries and Conditions
• Hand Injuries and Conditions
• Head and Neck Tumours and Cancer
• Jaw Problems
• Paediatric Injuries and Conditions
• Reconstructive Surgery After Breast Cancer
• Skin Cancers
• Tissue Transfer/Transplant

2. Facial Plastic Surgery

• Fillers
• Brow Lift
• Cheek Implants
• Chin Augmentation
• Ear Surgery
• Eye Lift
• Facelift
• Facial Fat Grafting
• Lip Augmentation
• Neck Lift
• Rhinoplasty
• Skin Treatment

3. Body Plastic Surgery

• Arm Lift
• Breast Augmentation
• Breast Lift
• Breast Reduction
• Inner Thigh Lift
• Liposuction
• Lower Body Lift
• Tummy Tuck