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How We Work

 Step 1

A general first inquiry is made from your i.e. the patient’s end. We respond with relevant information, including all-inclusive cost estimates for the surgery, a basic outline of the surgical and recuperation period for your selected surgical procedures. You can initiate the medical tourism process by contacting us.

 Step 2

Information is the key for both patient and surgeon. All medical questions are forwarded to the surgeon for his expert professional input. The medical history together with any additional medical requirements will allow the surgeon to make an initial medical evaluation.

 Step 3

We at MEDITRIP you as our honoured guest to India and welcome you with warm hospitality of – Athithi Devo Bhava – the Guest is equated to God. We will receive you at the airport in an appropriate vehicle depending on your medical condition and safely drop you to your destination(hospital/hotel). For elective surgical procedures, we can also provide you with a range of privately driven air-conditioned vehicles.

 Step 4

After your arrival, the first visit to the surgeon is scheduled. The surgeon you have selected shall answer all your questions to your satisfaction, in the terms you understand. After understanding the anticipated outcome of your surgery, you and the surgeon shall therefore concur about your expectations of the end result. You are free to discuss alternatives, if any, and thoroughly understand the risks of the procedure.