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Questions and Answers

Can you provide interpreter while communicating with doctors and surgeons?

Yes, we are providing interpreters (regional and foreign language experts) for your communication with the doctor and hospital staff in all major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ahmadabad. They are working in a variety of circumstances with their longstanding commitment.

What are the risks?

All medical treatments and surgical procedures carry some risk. Our focus is to minimize the risks with accredited hospitals and certified medical professionals for Infection control procedures and policies. Our medical coordinator is available for the take care of every precaution to avoid infections.

How long will I be in the Hospital?

The length of stay depends on the type of treatment that you have provided and condition of the patient suggested by the doctor. Our medical coordinator is available to make you more comfortable and less stressful during your treatment, and they offer some great tips on how to take care of yourself during and after your treatment.

What are the important Instructions for International Patient to travel in India?

International patients will have to submit the travel request form including airline, passport, and visa information. Always keep important emergency numbers with you. Credit cards /Debit cards / travellers cheque are the safe mode of payment; however in many situations cash would be required, so try to keep some local currency in hand.

At what point we finalize the treatment provided to you by us?

At first, fill the initial medical information form and sent the necessary medical report for review by our medical team. After a review of your report, the medical department will provide a final determination for the treatment in India. If patient is accepted for treatment, we will send you registration form.

Total estimation for complete treatment of International Patients?

Once you have provided your present condition including medical history, imaging (CT, MRI, x-rays etc.) and laboratories tests through email (Attached file), the information will be reviewed and examined by the specialists of affiliated hospitals, accordingly will get back to you with total estimate of your treatment.

Why should I use the services of Meditrip for Medical Treatment?

We consolidate completely on comfortable journey for International Patient across India to get world class treatment. We have profoundly mixed feelings about the Affordable Care Act. Our medical tourism coordinator and relationship manager will provide and assist you once the moment you enter the Tahasun, until the end of your treatment.

How Indian Hospitals provide world class treatment?

Indian Hospitals have acquired JCI, NABH and NABL accreditation for medical services. They are well equipped with the latest technologies, having group of qualified and experienced doctors and supporting staffs to ensure that the facilities meet our standards and expectations for medical care.

Which Medical Treatments Are Available in India?

Although nearly every kind of treatment is possible in India, Like orthopaedics (hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal disk repair); cardiovascular surgery (bypass, valve replacement, heart transplant); cancer diagnosis and treatment; dental care (usually more extensive cosmetic or restorative surgery); or cosmetic surgery, fertility and in vitro fertilization , weight-loss procedures.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is the travelling of people across the border of the country for the medical treatment. Patient travel from one country to another country for multiple reasons such as low cost, get familiar environment for their medication from respective providers and get procedure or therapy not available in their country.